Exterior laque Belinka

OSB sheets

Pellets beech & oak


Ceramic clay tiles

Ceramic clay tiles Continent

Roofs acsesoaries

Guttering roof solution

Onduline Easy roof solution


Ciment solution

Waterproof bitumen membranes

Film faced plywood CN

Italian high steel props

About us

                Why Inra ?

Inra Ltd  is always  number  1 and modern step ahead to offer customers perfect building solutions in all case in all price !!!

                       Inra is TRADE MARK

      We are a leading  wholesale for soft & hard wood timber and basic  building materials.

We produce and trade  cut fresh and KD timber all quality and engenering timber according  your requirements next special request -order -delivery door to door  . 

We will meets and  respond all your high expectations  for quality building materials and modern building  sistems.

Our  the best  price and  perfect delivery service is guarantee from domestic  bulgarian and foreing factory and will fit your needs.

Powerful company team will help you to take last final desition and chouse of corect products.We will  reduce budjet project without quality changes plus better improuvment of exterior and interior.Stay informed save money and time touch us to built easy.  

Please visit us and try our service to make sure yourself .We make your dreams  come reality.

We supply all  constructions company  trading company  and ends users with a lot of quality building materials.

Our professionalism and longest experiance in timber process and trade made us leadership in timber trade and our strong heritage to evergreen eco products satisfied all customers needs and make all great projects off ontime.


 Location of  warehause- Inra Ltd. allow you to find us easy .

Our aim is your success.


Trust   PROFESSIONALISM  and Quality